Eyeglasses & Lenses


For your eye health and comfort, it is important that you select the right lenses for your new eyeglasses. Whether you work at a computer a lot, need help reading, play outdoor sports or just can't see road signs clearly, our optometrists and professional dispensers will help you determine the best lenses and frames for your needs. When wearing the right lenses paired with a stylish set of frames, you will not only see and feel better, you will look better!

We have a selection of eyeglasses and lenses for men, women, and children that offer state-of-the-art technology while being thin, lightweight and easy to care for. Say goodbye to heavy, thick glasses that are uncomfortable and say hello to today's thinner, lighter lenses. Lenses from Essilor and Shamir and photochromics from Transitions are among the best choices and are available at eyecarecenter.

Essilor is the leading manufacturer and wholesale distributor of optical lenses in the United States. Their lenses are some of the most technologically advanced in the entire industry. Their bifocals provide a progressive range of added power to patients that need assistance reading, whether on a screen or paper. Shamir creates revolutionary products that are ideal for patients with presbyopia. Each of their lenses are developed using their patented EyePoint Technology®, a software program that simulates movement of the human eye in every angle and distance, delivering lenses with uncompromised visual acuity. Be sure to ask your optometrist about which lenses are right for your eyes.

Schedule an appointment at an eyecarecenter near you today! Our optometrists have eyeglasses available for men, women, and children.


Sunglasses: Prescription & Nonprescription Lenses, Polarized Eyewear


Don’t entrust your eye health to just anyone -- consult professional optometrists in North Carolina and South Carolina for sunglasses. eyecarecenter is the premier source for sunglasses, and we have a tremendous selection of prescription lenses, designer frames, transitional and polarized lenses, and much more.

Transitional Lenses in the Carolinas: When You Only Want One Pair of Sunglasses

Transitional lenses are clear indoors and at night, but automatically adjust their level of tint to changing light conditions outdoors. They provide continuous visual comfort and quality, helping you to see better today. And just like the sunblock that protects your skin, Transitions help preserve the health and wellness of your eyes for the future by blocking 100% of harmful UV rays so you can see better tomorrow.

By combining the advanced photochromic qualities of the Transitions coating with an advanced anti-reflective coating, eyecarecenter is able to offer you superior lenses that are our best combination for vision, outdoor sun protection, and durability.

Outdoor Lifestyles Need Polarized Sunglasses

For outdoor work or play where glare can interfere, polarized lenses may be the solution for you. Because of their effectiveness at reducing glare reflected from water, polarized lenses have long been a favorite of fishing and boating enthusiasts. But glare can occur anywhere, making polarized lenses the obvious choice for outdoor activity. Decreasing glare reduces eye strain and, especially when driving or operating machinery, polarized lenses can make you safer.

In addition to reducing glare, polarized lenses with UV protection can help reduce the occurrence of eye health issues such as cataracts and other diseases.

eyecarecenter carries a large assortment of nonprescription polarized sunglasses from well-known manufacturers such as Oakley, Maui Jim, Costa del Mar and Kaenon. For prescription lens wearers, we provide polarized treatments on single vision as well as progressive lenses and offer a variety of colors and mirrored finishes.

Browse our selection of sunglasses in North Carolina and South Carolina at the eyecarecenter nearest you!


Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are now available to suit almost every fashion and vision need. Virtually every kind of contact lens is available in disposable or frequent-replacement format that makes lenses healthier to wear, affordable, and easier to care for. Dramatic color change is now available, as well as new hyper-oxygen materials that let your eyes breathe.

We carry all leading brands of contacts including Acuvue, FreshLook and Night & Day. Our optometrists also specialize in hard-to-fit contacts. Be sure to contact an office near you and ask about our convenient mail order program or conveniently reorder your contacts online.

Check out eyecarecenter for:

  • Complete contact lens fitting services* with comprehensive follow-up care.
  • Extremely competitive pricing every day -- some of our branches will match Internet prices.
  • Single-vision contact lenses include conventional contact lenses, as well as 30-day wear, one-day wear, and other disposable contact lenses.
  • Bifocal contacts lenses, which provide two fields of vision for those who need it.
  • Colored contact lenses to change or enhance your eyes.
  • Soft- and Gas-permeable Toric lenses for patients with sensitive eyes or high astigmatism.
  • Cleaning solution for contacts.
  • and more

*Please note that contact lens fittings are not part of the comprehensive eye examination and extra charges may apply. Please contact your local eyecarecenter for a price quote.

Download Acuvue Products PDF

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Watch a Video about inserting and removing contact lenses

Watch a video about how to care for your eyes

To order new contact lenses in North Carolina, schedule a fitting and more, contact your eyecarecenter. Our optometrists are ready to serve you!

Designer Frames from the Hottest Names in Eyewear & Eyeglasses


With the broad selection of designer frames offered by eyecarecenter, you can make a bold, high fashion statement with your glasses, or be as understated as you like. We carry the finest quality eyeglasses frames from a broad range of manufacturers and designers, with specialties for kids, sunglasses, sport, and safety.

The right look is waiting for you at eyecarecenter! Here are a few of the frame brands we carry at our eye care locations:

  • Ray-Ban
  • Polo
  • DKNY
  • Versace
  • Oakley
  • Disney
  • Prada
  • and more

Our selection varies by location. Reach out to the nearest vision care office to you to discover the offerings available in your area!